Idols & Sannithis

SMS has purchased Stone Idols and “5 Metal” Idols (ஐம்பொன் சிலைகள்) from Kallaichemal M.Durairaj, Mamalapuran, India. The Idols are on there way to Calgary. Construction of Sannithis (House for Idols) will be starting soon. (Exact location may vary). Devotees are encouraged to sponsor Idols and its Sannithis. Please contact trustees for further details.  

SMS Building construction

In latter part of 2014, SMS has purchased a land parcel near Cross Iron mall, Balzac, north on Calgary limits.  It was a 2.54 acres land. All the Casino and other raised funds were used to buy the land. For the building construction we had to borrow loans. ATB Bank helped us with $2.2m loan […]

Boomi Pooja (2015)

SMS Bhoomi Pooja – Saturday, 20 June 2015; 8:00 AM With the grace of our load Ganesh, SMS has conducted the Bhoomi Pooja for building the Sri Ganesha Murugan Temple and Cultural Hall on Saturday, June 20th, 2015. The Boomi Pooja was conducted to purify the land and get ready for construction without any disruptions. The Boomi Pooja schedule was successfully completed […]