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Hall & Class Room booking The multi-purpose community hall located at the basement level can be reserved for a variety of activities BOOK Now Book for a special pooja The Temple website provides the most up-to-date information on Events, Poojas, and Ceremonies. BOOK FOR A POOJA Help Us Reach Our Target By Donating There are multiple ways to donate. Through this website, via our GoFundMe campaign and inperson at Temple. Donate Now
Pooja Booking
Temple offers a verity of Pooja services to its devotees. 
Event Booking

Pooja schedule & other events

Class Room Booking

We have only 3 rooms available for booking from Monday to Thursday. Currently, Weekends are fully booked-space is available for one-off workshops only.

Hall Booking

Can be reserved for a variety of activities including cultural performances, social gathering, yoga/meditation workshops, seminars, and meetings.

Prevention & Management of COVID-19 Lung Problems - Zoom Webinar

Integrating Pranayama & Ayurvedha

COVID-19 infections are increasing day by day. We have all learnt to wear masks, wash our hands properly and maintain physical distancing to prevent the spread of infections. But that does not seem to be enough. We need to do more.

Learn the proper breathing techniques and easy herbal remedies from a qualified Health Professional to prevent and manage COVID-19 lung complications.

Conducted by:


Physiotherapist & Clinical Yoga Therapist


Date & Time: Wednesday May 5, 2021 – 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Cost: $15/registration – All proceeds go to Sri Murugan Temple


Zoom webinar link will be sent to the registered email. Participants will be required to sign into Zoom using the registered email. Only 1 registration per email is allowed

* In an effort to support the seniors of our community, Sri Murugan Society is providing assistance for chores like grocery shopping. If you are senior and have a shopping list that is approximately worth $100 or more, our volunteers will deliver it to your door within a week’s timeframe. This is a free service for Alberta seniors who had lived within the Calgary area for the past 2 years or more.  Please email, if you need assistance in this matter.

* Alberta Provincial Assessment prep classes (PAT) have moved to online via Zoom and Google classroom. The classes happen every Saturday 2-4 PM-only few spots are left. This service is completely free during the Health emergency declaration. 

* Regional language classes have also moved to an online delivery format.  This service is also completely free during the Health emergency declaration

* Unfortunately, STEM Teach Yourself Coding classes are on hold until the restrictions ease.

Please email for further details.

Our services

Our Temple and Cultural Center will be the place for all of your religious and cultural service needs. At the Temple, Special Abhisekams, Aarthis or Shaanthis can be performed with the highest religious standard. The main hall can be booked for special religious rituals, wedding ceremonies, bhajans and religious-cultural performances. Spacious lower hall, class rooms and the commercial kitchen are available for rent too. Religious services from our priest can be requested for rituals and ceremonies at your home, subject to the availability of the priest.

Special Pooja

At present, the Temple offers a verity of Pooja services to its devotees. Please check temple calendar or Contact US and to reserve your Pooja needs on your favorite dates.

Special Pooja services offered in temple

The Temple website provides the most up-to-date information on Events, Poojas, and Ceremonies.

  • Special Sponsored Poojas
  • Event Based Poojas
  • Weddings Services

Multi-purpose Community Hall

Located on the Wagon Wheel Blvd., Rocky View County, the Sri Murugan Society Building serves as a Centre for religious, cultural and social activities. The multi-purpose community hall located at the basement level can be reserved for a variety of activities.

Rental fees for the hall will be assessed on the rentee’s requirement. Potential rentees are kindly requested to check the availability from our events calendar or by contacting our office.


  • Cultural performances
  • Yoga/fitness/meditation workshops
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Socialization
  • Luncheon/dinner

Class Room Booking

We have three class rooms for rent. Class room #1 has a capacity of 16 (Junior students); 200 Sq.Ft. Class room #2 has a capacity of 12 (Junior students); 120 Sq.Ft. Class room #3 has a capacity of 16 (Senior students); 200 Sq.Ft.

Contact SMS and discuss more about charity discounts, long-term commitment discounts and discounts on bundled services.

  • Class Room #01
  • Class Room #02
  • Class Room #03

Temple Opening Hours


9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Pooja  @ 12:00 NOON


5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Pooja   @ 7:00 PM

Hours subject to change on special occasions

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